The Online Neurodegenerative Trait Integrative Multi-Omics Explorer (ONTIME) is a web-based catalogue of genome wide association studies dedicated to quantitative neurodegenerative disease endophenotypes. Users can search for associations to common and low-frequency variants by variant (by either rsID or chromosome:position on GRCh37), gene, endophenotype, or therapeutic category.

Currently, ONTIME contains summary statistics for 2926 quantitative endophenotypes. Only associations for autosomes are displayed. Alleles (effect and non-effect) for each variant across all datasets have been aligned against those in dbSNP’s Human Build 150. Therefore, variants across all Manhattan plots display a standardized direction of effect. Summary statistics have also been filtered to remove variants without data for beta or p-value fields (eg, beta = NA).

Developer Contact: Brett Eiffert - beiffert@wustl.edu

Information Contact: Oscar Harari - harario@wustl.edu

ONTIME was built from the PheWeb code base. All genomic positions are on GRCh37. Summary statistics have been drawn from various sources, including the following published studies:

1. Li Z, Farias FG, Dube U, Del-Aguila JL, Mihindukulasuriya KA, Fernandez MV, Ibanez L, Budde JP, Wang F, Lake AM, Deming Y, Perez J, Yang C, Bradley J, Davenport R, Bergmann K, Benitez BA, Dougherty JD, Harari O, Cruchaga C. The TMEM106B rs1990621 protective variant is also associated with increased neuronal proportion. bioRxiv 583286; 2019. doi:https://doi.org/10.1101/583286
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